Day 24 of 100 Days To Brave


Chase the dreams that are alive. 

Chasing dreams isn't new for me. Falling flat on my face when a dream fails isn't new for me. But the courage it takes to see a dream THROUGH with God in the middle... that's new for me. 

As we grow up, no one teaches us about humility. The subtle message is, "Shine bright so you can succeed!" We focus far too much attention on the human and not the Creator. But it is the Creator who gave us the dreams we run so hard after. Why not let him steer the ship, am I right?

Over the next eight days you will learn about the courage it takes to dream. 

Maybe this is your first go at it and you are terrified. Maybe you are an excerpt visionary but always cut corners and miss the trophy. Wherever you are, I pray you open your heart this week to allow God to open or close necessary doors. 

In today's video (remember, I am sending out a video/blog/email at the start of each new section. My emails may seem sporadic but they are very much planned this way, ha! Check out the schedule here: BLOG


The comments you've shared on the blog have been the highlight of my week. Please keep it up! I encourage you to be brave enough to post about this Live Slow Bible Study and use #LiveSlowBibleStudy so I can check it out. Tag me too @lauramendenhall ... I LOVE stuff like that!)

What did you think of the Nehemiah story? He is a brave guy. Once that dream was ignited in his heart, there was no stopping him. I hope we can say the same for us. Once God puts a dream in our laps, may we run hard after it with faith and fury.

See you guys in the comments soon!


Laura Mendenhall