Day 42 of 100 Days To Brave


To be a good friend takes courage.

It's not easy making friends. Especially if you are the awkward friend (like me). 

This next section of 100 Days To Brave, Annie F. Downs talks about being Brave Enough To Love Others. That includes friends, family, co-workers, and even those in your circles who seem unlovable. 

Do you crave friendships and community? Are you doing anything about it?

In today's video, I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and plug into your local church. Virtual community is rich and fulfilling (when you really dive in) but it, by no means, can replace the command to have connect to those in your physical community. It's easy to hide behind a keyboard but God wants you to be brave. Get out of the house. Schedule a play date. Attend a new gym class or bible study. 

I share a personal story in today's video that I kind of regret. But I trust that I can say it to you because you are a safe place to vent, right? When we put ourselves out there to love others, sometimes the feeling isn't mutual. Sometimes we WANT to be loved but people just don't understand us quite yet. So we feel unwelcomed or unloved. And that stings. But we are called to be brave enough to love others, even when they don't know how to love us yet. 


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The comments you've shared on the blog have been the highlight of my week. Please keep it up! I encourage you to be brave enough to post about this Live Slow Bible Study and use #LiveSlowBibleStudy so I can check it out. Tag me too @lauramendenhall ... I LOVE stuff like that!)

Are you needing a safe place to vent? Do you have a lot on your heart and you don't know who you talk to in order to process it all? I'd love to be a good friend to you. Feel free to shoot me a text. I know how awkward that could feel (because I overthink everything too) but really... even if it's an "unspoken prayer requests" text... I want you to allow me to love on you. My cell: 770-881-6805

See you guys in the comments soon!


Laura Mendenhall