Day 51 of 100 Days To Brave


Oooo we're halfway there... living on a prayer!

Now if that's not the truth, I don't know what is. I am absolutely living prayer to prayer. 

I decided early on in our 100 Day Challenge that I would level up each 25 days and tweak a habit in my routine. On days 1-25, I vowed to not miss a workout in my Morning Meltdown 100 program. On days 26-50, I vowed to wake up early and dive deeper into studying the Bible. Now we enter the third quarter... I naturally want to choose something easy. But God was laying on my heart that I need to show up in deeper prayer.  

I started a 40-day prayer challenge ("Draw The Circle" by Mark Batterson) 


I always get scared to overcommit which leads to sloppy work which leads to burn out. However, this felt right. In today's video I share how I've embraced change lately in my morning routine. I share the scripture I am praying daily at a specific time. I let you see inside my head a bit (that will be scary for you, ha). 

Change is inevitable. And you may not be walking through a season of change, but God always wants to take you deeper in a relationship with Him. So I challenge you to CHANGE one thing about how you study God's Word and talk to Him. 


  • Wake up 15-minutes earlier to journal

  • Commit to reading a chapter of the Bible a day

  • Pick a place in your house to meet with God daily

  • Ask God to show you where you need to repent

  • Invite your neighbors over for dinner

  • Tithe 10% of your household income

Little changes add up. We are either growing closer to God or away from Him. We never sit stagnant (even though the enemy wants us to think being luke warm is ok).


Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 10.15.03 PM.png

How is your prayer life? On a scale from 1-10?

See you guys in the comments soon!


Laura Mendenhall