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100 days of anything isn’t easy. 100 days of being brave will be tough. We need to stick together.

What is #LiveSlowBibleStudy?

An online bible study for women who crave community and discipleship yet are easily distracted by life & busy schedules. This online bible study is hosted off social media to ensure we are as focused as possible.  As women,  wives,  moms,  employees,  bosses,  housekeepers,  chauffeurs,  professional crust cutter-offers,  etc ... we don't have a choice but to step back and LIVE SLOW by spending 1:1 time with our Creator.

When does it start? Where is it hosted?

Our next study starts Monday, July 29th! I will guide us through the 100 Days to Brave study via daily blog (showing up in your inbox weekly). Vlogs, podcasts, surprise resources, open comment section, and constant encouragement are the ingredients that will make up our fun bible study together. You in?

Is there a cost?

Nope. Our #LiveSlowBibleStudy is completely free & open to all women.  This quarter we are walking through the devotional, 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs. You will need to purchase that book (your choice: paperback, kindle, audiobook, osmosis…) to participate with us.

Can I invite my friends?

Yes! As a matter of fact, I INSIST that you invite friends to join us. I want this to be our mindset: You PLUS two. You join. Then you ask two friends to join. Let’s share the love and invite more ladies into our community.

Simply send them to this site (or copy/paste link:


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What others are saying?

I have enjoyed this so much and it has changed my mindset and my attitude toward so many areas of my life.
These past four months of prioritizing God has changed me so much. I read somewhere once that meeting with Him daily should be our highest priority & deepest joy. I feel His presence more often!!
I’ve never opened my Bible 21 days in a row. Like, ever. And that’s coming from a girl who spent the first 9 school years in a Christian education. 😳 And for that matter — I’ve never even completed a bible study! I’ve been a part of some, but I was never consistent with daily journaling. It came at such a perfect time for me.
Wow! This is what I needed to hear going into the new week! I have to take responsibility for the foods I eat.
This was so good! I am trying to focus on making healthier choices and sticking to them. Closet eating is so real!
Mindful eating is what I am trying to focus on now. I’m hoping to make this more consistent in my life.
This section hit home for me. Ever since I have become a momma and a wife; all my choices have revolved around my daughter and husband.
I love your first habit suggestion - pray before anything else. I’ve gotten in the habit of praying in the morning this summer, but I haven’t done it first thing. I eat breakfast first thing! I love the thought of just praying as soon as I wake up and surrendering the day to God.


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