Live Slow Bible Study: Day 6 of 100 Days To Brave

Day 6 of 100 Days To Brave


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"You aren't a mistake." 

Welcome back for DAY SIX of our 100 Days To Brave! Hopefully during the last 5ish days you've spent time reading the first section (Brave Enough To Start). And today starts the second section: Brave Enough To Be Me.

I'm getting a bit nervous about how God is teaching me VERY HANDS-ON to walk through my fears. Last week, Leland went to the ER for stitches. This week (so far): Leland shattered the window to the back porch, Everett had a nocturnal asthma attack (almost had to call 911) and last night, I pushed myself out of my social comfort zone -- more about that in today's video. 

I guess when you pray for bravery, God will line up some field training. 


The comments you've shared on the blog have been the highlight of my week. Please keep it up! I have learned so much about you and it connects us all. You are so special to me girl - and as you will learn this week, you are incredibly unique. I am thankful you are choosing to spend time with me in our #LiveSlowBibleStudy. 


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As you heard in my video, I need to challenge myself this week (and um, forever) to be brave enough to be who I am as a mom and wife. That sounds so simple, yet when I am in the trenches, I fear judgement or total social dork-ness. Seems too silly to be legit, but it is. And I know the enemy enjoys teasing me with that anxiety. I will choose brave!

Are you brave enough to be you? What lies are you telling yourself?

I hope you free yourself from that bondage this week. God makes no mistakes.

Be brave this week, ladies. Mostly (selfishly) because watching you be brave helps me be brave (and we are in this together)!

See you guys in the comments!


Laura Mendenhall