Live Slow Bible Study: Day 6 of 100 Days To Brave

Day 6 of 100 Days To Brave


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"You aren't a mistake." 

Welcome back for DAY SIX of our 100 Days To Brave! Hopefully during the last 5ish days you've spent time reading the first section (Brave Enough To Start). And today starts the second section: Brave Enough To Be Me.

I'm getting a bit nervous about how God is teaching me VERY HANDS-ON to walk through my fears. Last week, Leland went to the ER for stitches. This week (so far): Leland shattered the window to the back porch, Everett had a nocturnal asthma attack (almost had to call 911) and last night, I pushed myself out of my social comfort zone -- more about that in today's video. 

I guess when you pray for bravery, God will line up some field training. 


The comments you've shared on the blog have been the highlight of my week. Please keep it up! I have learned so much about you and it connects us all. You are so special to me girl - and as you will learn this week, you are incredibly unique. I am thankful you are choosing to spend time with me in our #LiveSlowBibleStudy. 


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As you heard in my video, I need to challenge myself this week (and um, forever) to be brave enough to be who I am as a mom and wife. That sounds so simple, yet when I am in the trenches, I fear judgement or total social dork-ness. Seems too silly to be legit, but it is. And I know the enemy enjoys teasing me with that anxiety. I will choose brave!

Are you brave enough to be you? What lies are you telling yourself?

I hope you free yourself from that bondage this week. God makes no mistakes.

Be brave this week, ladies. Mostly (selfishly) because watching you be brave helps me be brave (and we are in this together)!

See you guys in the comments!


Laura Mendenhall

Live Slow Bible Study: Day 1 of 100 Days To Brave


"Brave people don't stop hearing the whispers of fear" 

Welcome to DAY ONE of our 100 Days To Brave! You are here with us and I couldn't be more full of butterflies & unicorns. During this first blog, I will cover a summary of the first section: Brave Enough To Start. 

Let me first introduce myself: Hi, I am Laura. I am a total down-to-earth gal who loves her family and loves Jesus. I am nothing special. That isn't some superficial humble brag, that is a genuine, "Trust me girl, when you meet me in person you will realize I am a dorky homebody who likes to laugh until she cries." I hope we can become closer friends through this journey. 

I am a wife of almost 12 years (wow!) and our marriage hasn't been perfect. I am a mom of three kiddos (aka minions) and our family dynamic is diverse. By diverse, I mean we are a neurodiverse family because my oldest son is autistic and it's rocked my world. Even though my world is unpredictable and messy, I want to invite you into it. Are you down for that?

If you are still reading this then I will assume you are on board for this adventure with me. I chose 100 Days To Brave as our newest Live Slow Bible Study because I need more brave in my life. During these last 12 months I've been overtaken by fear and confusion as we plowed through my son's diagnosis, my family's financial crisis and my husbands career change. Sometimes life just throw wrenches at your face, am I right? Or am I right?


Today is DAY ONE and the next 4 days will cover the BRAVE ENOUGH TO START section of your book. That is what we are chatting about today. 


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My hope with this first chat is that you've started Day 1 and look forward to days 1-5. I'll shoot you an email again on day 6 when we start our next conversation about "Brave Enough To Be You"

I'd love for you to share a COMMENT BELOW to be real with other women walking through this same study.

I love you guys way more than you can ever imagine. My prayer is that I can wash your feet virtually during these 100 days. I want to meet you where you are and shower love + belonging on you #sorryifthatscheesy #imeanit

I know being brave is hard. I know sometimes life sucks. But the beauty of it all is that God can show us the way. We can experience peace in our hearts. I want that for you!



New Live Slow Bible Study: 100 Days To Brave

We start Monday, are you ready?


We've been preparing for weeks and Monday can't come soon enough. Monday is our day 1 of our read through of 100 Days To Brave.


This online bible study will be email + blog based. I chose to take this off social media because (personally) I get way too distracted and start chasing squirrels. 

If you look at the table of contents of the book, you will see Angie separated the book into sections. Each of those sections (Brave Enough To Start, Brave Enough To Be You, etc) will cue a blog + email from yours truly. Don't worry, I won't harass your inbox with 100 emails. For those organized types (not I), here are the emails broken down by the day we will start that section: 

I want to create a bond between us because hanging out with like-minded women is special and unique. I've opened up commenting on my blog so let's hang out there! Please (it's encouraged!) comment on each blog I share with the summary and overview of that section. 

HOORAY! Because I love yall, each blog over said section will include: 

  • Video overview

  • Podcast summary

  • My favorite takeaways

  • Prayer requests

  • Other surprise goodies


Make sure you have the book, 100 Days To Brave 
Don't half-way show up. Dive in! 

Go ahead and practice commenting on my blog: 
1) Tell us your name
2) Where you are from
3) Family life (married, kids, work. ?) 
4) Why you joined our Live Slow Bible Study?


"You were always meant to be brave.

Whether you're making a major decision, dealing with a difficult transition, or facing a fear, 100 Days toBrave will give you courage and confidence to move forward.

Annie F. Downs felt her challenges were too difficult, too scary, too much. Then she decided to stop allowing fear to hold her back. It wasn't easy or simple. But it was good.

With honesty and relatable humor, this compilation of best-of writings and new pieces from Annie will give you the inspiration to embrace the path and the plan God has for you and experience personal growth.

Dare to spend the next 100 days discovering that you are braver than you know and stronger than you thought possible." (excerpt from 

If you wanted to join that FITNESS side of the Bible Study (optional), learn more from this PDF Info Guidethen fill out this PRE-ORDER FORM.

Thank you! I can’t wait to meet you, comment below —

1) Tell us your name
2) Where you are from
3) Family life (married, kids, work. ?) 
4) Why you joined our Live Slow Bible Study?

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7 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Being Brave

When you do not want to be brave but must…


All of us are meant to be brave.

We may not always feel like being brave, but we must face our fears in order to live a love fast live slow life. Fear sucks. It can be paralyzing. But God did not give us a spirit of fear. He gave us the power to be brave. 

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7

Perhaps the mistake we make is relying 100% on ourselves to plow through scary times. To help you (me) overcome, here are 7 ways to trick yourself into being brave: 

1. Own it (Admit it, always first step)

2. Tame it (is it really life threatening or just a little scary?)

3. Name it (Who is telling you this thing is scary?)

4. Flip it (What is the worst that could happen?)

5. Embody it (Take a deep breath. You are braver than you realize) 

6. Risk it (Trust God and take the leap) 

7. Build it (Keep going outside your comfort zone to stretch yourself)

These 7 tips are from a great article at, find entire article here

Not everything God calls us to do will be within our comfort zone. As a matter of fact, rarely do growth and comfort live in the same space. 

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{SHAREABLE GRAPHIC} Click the image above and save & share it. Remember, LFLS is OUR ministry. You and me. We are all in this together. Use the hashtag #lovefastliveslow and we will share your post to our feed.

PS. Need some more BRAVE in your life? Us too. Laura is starting a new #LiveSlowBibleStudy over a devotional book called, 100 Days To Brave. It starts Monday (July 29th). Learn more here: Live Slow Bible Study

Until next time,
Nick and Laura Mendenhall