LSBS: Discipline, Day 2

Day 2


My answer is YES. 

Hey ya'll -- what do you think so far? Pray for a moment. Ask God to open your mind and grant you wisdom to absorb these truths. 

First step, let's review 1 Samuel 3.

Go ahead, open your Bible and read it. 


The Bible is, in fact, a book about God and man -- men _____ to and ______ God. 

"The many leaders in the Bible were not concerned with credit, plans, notoriety, or success." 

Do you fit into the same category? Or do you long to be known and receive credit as a great mom/wife/leader/human being?

The author uses the analogy of how discipline is the disciples "career," and obedience refers to the specific action. 

Did you catch what she said about DEPENDENCE & OBEDIENCE? How was Jesus himself dependent and obedient? 

NOTE: Dependence is NOT a flaw. We must recognize our 100% dependence on God. 

Our OBEDIENCE (response) is the discipline.