LSBS: Discipline, Day 3

Day 3


The Call of Christianity is like gravity.

This comparison blew my mind. I explain it a bit more in today's video. But first... Elisabeth lists the following as disrupters of this pull: Feelings, Emotional Experiences, Pride, Foolishness, Flippancy. 

"It was not the perfection of their faith that convicted him they were called. They had make a beginning. In that beginning, Paul found evidence of faith."


The question is NOT if you are called. God has called all of us. The question is simply, will you answer His call? If someone looked at your actions, would they think you act as someone who is called by God?

God's call comes from beyond anything of this world. Elisabeth breaks it down more specifically. Next to each word, think about something in that category you have to OVERCOME to pursue God's call on you life. 

  • Ourselves
  • Society
  • Opinion
  • Time
  • Taste

Chew on that -- we are about to DIVE into the specific areas in our life to be disciplined. See you again tomorrow!