LSBS: Discipline, Day 10

Day 10


"I don't have time."

Do you ever say that? When you say it, what does that REALLY mean? (I'll help you out... it means "I don't want to.")

Open your Bible to John 17:4, read it aloud! 

Elisabeth writes a very clear indicator of when we step outside God's will: when we find ourselves frantic and frustrated, we're running on our schedule, not God's. Based on that observation, do you feel like you operate on His agenda or your own?


Maybe you have a jam packed schedule and you struggle saying, "no"? What kind of boundaries can you set for yourself to avoid being over-scheduled and who will you ask to hold you accountable?

Here are Elisabeth's six reasons our schedules have no room for worry (pg. 101)

  1. Worry is fruitless
  2. Worry is disobedient
  3. Worry is taking the not-given
  4. Worry is refusing the given
  5. Worry is the antithesis of trust
  6. Worry squanders time

I'm also convinced that a large reason we often feel rushed or "not enough" is because we rarely unplug from technology and social media. How about we all commit to taking a few hours this week and enjoy them unplugged. Sit your phone down. Turn off the TV. Go outside. Etc.