LSBS: Discipline, Day 7

Day 7


It begins with obedience. 

"Holiness has never been the driving force of the majority. It is, however, ________ for anyone who wants to enter the Kingdom." Define holiness in your own words. You got it? I think about "set apart" - set apart for His special purpose. Which means we will do & think differently than the world. Which includes how we discipline our bodies with food, sleep, exercise and sexual relations. 

"We cannot give our _______ to God and keep our _______ for ourselves." (my favorite quote)


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As women, the world constantly tells us that our appearance is attached to our worth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Elisabeth's words are not meant to encourage us to be skinny, but to encourage us to be disciplined. 

Let's ask the question this way: Do you consider the Lord in the ways you care for your health?

Spend some time in prayer, then write down some action steps that you feel you need to take to "honor God with your body."