LSBS: Discipline, Day 12

Day 12


Find joy in the mundane tasks. 

The idea of WORK ETHIC is not an unfamiliar topic to me. I am an Army Brat and my dad is quite a stereotypical retired Major. He expects a lot and there is no gray area when it comes to discipline. It was wonderfully annoying as I grew up under his roof. 

As an adult, I've grown to appreciate his sternness and diligence. He taught me a lot about respect and work ethic. I am forever grateful. 


A few pressing questions that made me really step back and evaluate my discipline in work: 

Have you ever found yourself wondering what God's will for your life is?Elisabeth says, "Let's rest assured that God knows how to show His will to one who is willing to do it." WOW. 

Do you ever look to your job to fulfill you? Remember, we can only be fulfilled by God. 

Do you find any of your current roles beneath you? Even Jesus washed feet. 

And my biggest takeaway (hold onto your seat belts), if people were to evaluate God based on the excellence and joy you find in your work, what does your work ethic teach them about Jesus?

Pray through this and share with me!