LSBS: Discipline, Day 13

Day 13


God's Will > Comfort. 

How important is being comfortable to you? How does comfort distract you from prioritizing God's will? 

Take a breather. Dig in today to Daniel 10. Account for how Daniel had an angel reminding him to drown out feelings. And think of the men & women in the Bible who may not have "FELT" like obeying God (but they did and what an example of faith we can study and duplicate). Moses didn't feel like going to Pharaoh, Jonah didn't feel like going to Ninevah, Paul didn't feel like being shipwrecked, snake biten, beaten, etc. Sarah (Abraham's wife) laughed when God said she'd have a child in her late ate. 

Let's focus on what GOD WANTS and not what WE WANT. 

Are feelings in and of themselves bad? No! We don't need to try to squash all feelings and be convinced that our discernment is against God. But recognize that we are human and it's about disciplining our feelings so they do not control us. 

Read John 21:15-19 ... what kind of conversation for Jesus and Peter have? Love isn't based on "if you feel lovey" - it's based on taking action. 

Today, let's take a step forward in training our response to our feelings/emotions.