LSBS: Discipline, Day 14

Day 14


Discipline vs. Punishment

Isn't it funny that the word to describe what we are SUPPOSED to do (having discipline) and what we AREN'T SUPPOSED to do (being disciplined) is the same?

I can see how these two can be tangled. 

Didn't you love the analogy of following a recipe as closely as possible so we can enjoy the sweetness of the end result? Why, if we can easily submit to a recipe, then, do you think we argue with what God's Word tells us is the best way?

How can we remind ourselves of the end result of living a disciplined life?

Look back at the disciplines we've discussed through our book. Review each one and consider how you can live a disciplined life. 

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Place
  • Time
  • Possessions
  • Work
  • Feelings

So often, we think of discipline with drudgery. Yet, the subtitle of this book is "the glad surrender." How can you find JOY in pursuing discipline?

This 14-Day Bible Study has been a JOY for me. Thank you for joining me. 

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