Day 26 Of 31 Of FHH

Day 26 of 31 



Lead with Kindness
From page 209, "For such a tiny muscle, the tongue has a lot of power. In fact, God's Word reminds us 'tongue has the power of life and death' Proverbs 18:21." 

Isn't that true? That the words that form and come out of our mouth can make or break our day, our loved ones, our future. It requires a great deal of mindfulness and self-control to NOT spew off every thought in our heads. 

Who is guilty of that? Who is a loose cannon? 

We learn that the P31 woman is a woman of kindness. Kind words roll off her tongue. Just this morning I found myself cranky with my spouse and I began spewing snarky comments that were... unkind. 


God... you certainly do teach me the RIGHT lessons at the RIGHT time. I hear you. Loud and clear. 


Something to point out though, the loving instruction she gives is not just verbal. She lives it out with her actions and not just in words. 

Are there times you have an unkind heart but still go through the motions to "be nice"? Do you think that is honoring to God? Isn't everything we do a heart issue? That is where it all stems@


Listen To a Quick Message From Me

As we become more mindful today of our words of kindness, let's filter them through this lens: 

  1. Am I more concerned with what others/this person will think or what God thinks?
  2. Do I genuinely love these people/this person?
  3. Am I accurately representing God's truth?
  4. Have I applied my words to my own life?
  5. Am I depending on the Holy Spirit's power or my own cleverness?
  6. Will this message/conversation draw attention to me or to God?
  7. Does this audience/person really need this message?

Gut check today. Do you have anyone who you owe an apology? I owe my husband one from this morning's crank-fest. HA! Just keeping it real. 

Love you ladies. 

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