Day 27 Of 31 Of FHH

Day 27 of 31 



Distracted vs. Focused
Today wrecked me. I loved it. I constantly need the reminder to stay rooted... sometimes my head gets in the clouds and my ambition becomes shaky/selfish. 

Thank God for grace. He is so amazing!

The #P31Goal: I prioritize intentional living and purposeful focus inside my home. 



More food for thought: If we say that our desire is that God is first and our family is second, why does our calendar often reflect different priorities?

If you are a mom or future mom, "your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." - Andy Stanley

A consistent theme through our Famous In Heaven & At Home study is how "busy" our lives are... and how to combat easy distractions in order to lead an excellent life (not just good enough life).

Even if we are busy doing "good things" - if we neglect sitting with Jesus daily, those "things" are still idols. 


A way I work to stay rooted is by having a strong morning routine. I established this habit (not easily) after reading an inspiring book, Miracle Morning.




Today is short and sweet. Less sweet I guess if you felt conviction during Day 27 read. 

But I am freeing your time so you can complete the #P31Practice exercise. It WOW'd me and I am so inspired to serve my family by writing out a thorough priority statement. And showing my husband. Displaying it with action to my kiddos. And staying grounded even with a "busy" household and career.

God is our #1.
Take some time to journal is out today.
Comment below and tell me what your priorities look like lately -- are you a hot mess express? Or are you feeling decently balanced? 

I am praying for you!