Day 29 Of 31 Of FHH

Day 29 of 31 



Your Highest Praise
A few days ago, I traveled to Atlanta to spend the weekend celebrating my brother-in-law and his future bride. We had a schedule packed with wedding festivities. My husband was a groomsmen.  I was a bridesmaid. My 5-year-old was the ring bearer. It was busy & incredible weekend. 

What sticks out to me about the wedding was their love for each other but mostly their devotion to the Lord. As other's shared about how they met the couple or gave toasts about their impact in their lives... there was quite a bit of PRAISE given to the couple. 

Being 7 months pregnant, I found my eyes MORE teary-eyed than dry for the duration of the weekend (when I wasn't chasing around my toddlers). 





Today, we learn that the P31 woman is PRAISED by those closest to her. What an testament to the lifestyle she lived publicly and privately. 



I feel it's safe to say each of us would WANT out spouse & children to say good things about us. Although, they know the good, bad and ugly of our attitudes. Our work ethic. Our subtle white lies. Our follow-through reputation. 

If we think we can hide any dark sides from the public eye... we can't hide it from our family. 

So let's ask ourselves this tough question: Would my highest praise come from my husband and children?

Let's talk about social media... 
Are you addicted to approval? To likes & comments? Do you ham it up and work to impress all the other pinterest moms for personal affirmation?

We are called to be PEOPLE LOVERS ... not people-pleasers. 

I love that everything about the P31 woman comes back to the condition of her heart. She pursues a pure heart. 

Dig deep into today's chapter. There are so many nuggets that can resonate on a personal level. 

Quick review:

  1. God's approval comes first
  2. Our authenticity is validated when we receive praise from those who know us best. 
  3. A short list with deep roots defines our real approval better than a long list with a birds-eye view.
  4. Earning praise in our homes requires hard, intentional effort. 
  5. We have the ability to initiate praise in our homes, even if it's not reciprocated.

(I can't believe we are on day 29! Just a few more days together. Let's make it count!) 

Comment below and tell me if you are "approval-addicted" or recovering from it (I know I am!).