Day 30 Of 31 Of FHH

Day 30 of 31 



Chasing Praise
I guess I can only speak for myself. I would never want to put words in your mouth or project my own life convictions into your life (like the conviction that I have chased worldly praise far more often than I'd like to admit).

When we launched #LiveSlowBibleStudy a few months ago, it was solely based on YOU and GOD having a personal relationship. This platform started as a very 1:1 focus so you'd let God lead. I chose to host our #LiveSlowBibleStudy off social media to eliminate as many distractions and comparison games as possible. 

We are almost done with our second study together. As a reminder, all daily bible studies are listed on my website, free and public. Here is the link:

Today's verse (30:31) is a major reason I chose Famous In Heaven & At Homeas our second study together. 

(For those who like to plan... or just like to be in the know ... yes, I have something special up my sleeve for the last weeks of the year. It's different than what we've been doing with daily bible studies. And when the new year rolls around, I've already chosen our third book study to dive into... I am on the edge of my seat with secrets. You will be the first to know). 



Charm & Beauty
Charm is glorified a bit in our culture. If you're charming, you win a lot of people over. However, the charm described here in Proverbs is NOT a good thing. It's fake. It's deceptive. It's sneaky. It's someone who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Like the mischievous friend you don't want your kid to have. 

And beauty. It's how the tabloids access a woman's worth. Pretty discouraging. Nothing wrong with being beautiful. We've learned that the P31 woman takes care of herself. In verse 22, "she makes coverings for herself; her clothing is fine linen and purple." Several godly women in the bible were described as beautiful! But what we learn here in verse 31, "beauty is fleeting" - meaning beauty fades. Wrinkles develop. Things change position. Our bodies shift and expand throughout child bearing years. 

"You are not defined by something as silly as a scale, a mirror, a number, your hair color, your skin tone, your successes or even your failures." (pg. 250)


NOTE :: There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. To honor & respect the body God has given you. As long as your worth and self-respect doesn't stem on what you look like in the mirror. God created you so specifically. Every detail. Treat yourself well.  If you want to learn more about what God says about obedience and your health & fitness, look at last month's bible study series: Food, Fitness & Faith 

The measurement of praise according to the bible is having a fear of the Lord. Pursuing Him. Seeking righteousness. Developing this P31 character. 

What we do for Christ is our legacy and what lasts. 

If we are simply using charm / empty words to win people over. They will see right through us. Or if we are relying on our looks or our society's skewed view of beauty, it will fade and we will be wildly disappointed. 

The only praise that last is the affirmation from God. We must put ourselves in a position to HEAR his affirmations. To feel that peace that far surpasses all understanding. 

Seek Him. Please my dear sister. 

Let's surrender and run closer to Him. I'm here for you! 



Journal a bit today. It may take a longer time. So if you've run out of time, come back to this later today. Do some self-evaluation. 

Comment below and when you've completed the #P31Practice today!