Day 21 of 31 FHH

Day 21 of 31 



Using your gifts
Remember v.22, "...she makes fine linen garments for herself." Today's takeaway shows us that she simply took her ability one step further by opening an avenue to provide for others with what benefitted her own life.



QUESTION: Do you love your job? Are you a teacher? A nurse? A stay-at-home-mom?

Before I was an online health & fitness coach, I worked in corporate America for a medical software company. It was a great company. I climbed the ladder fast. But I was discontent. What I learned from that experience is that I need to align my EVERY DAY and my EVERY WORK with my purpose.

I know, I know. That seems like an easy thing for some people... and maybe really hard for others. I mean... what is our PURPOSE?

Let's dive into a new piece of scripture today.


Open your Bible to Matthew 25:24-30.

I want to remind you that God not just WANTS us... but COMMANDS us to use our time and gifts.

As a matter of fact, in this parable, the servant who hoarded their passion/gift/talent because he was fearful... the master called him "lazy" and "wicked".

So intense & straight forward.

The P31 woman enjoyed making clothing. We see that over and over. She used a hobby/gift/talents and realized she could help others with it ... AND she was satisfied with her gain because she led with integrity and her gain was profitable and a blessing to her family.

IS THIS CLICKING?? It gets me so excited.

So wherever God has you ... working in your house, working out of your house, working alongside your spouse, working to keep your children safe & fed & alive each day .... ask God to reveal to you the GIFTS & TALENTS He has uniquely given you. Pray for wisdom and courage to USE those gifts.

Don't hoard them. They are awesome. They are unique. They are helpful. And I 100% guarantee the majority of you have passions & gifts that I'd love to use and see .... we are a family here in this #LiveSlowBibleStudy.

I am not only an online health & fitness coach. A large portion of my job is to help women find their passion and turn it into a business that can help their families. I guess you can call me a business mentor as well.

I get giddy over this stuff. I adore you and want you to thrive in the love of Christ. I want you to feel peace and excitement when God looks at you and says, "Well done my good and faithful servant." (Matthew 25).



Happy Sunday! Dig into Day 21 in the book... read... study.. pray. This is about you and God. I can't wait to hear what God is doing in your life! 

Comment below and tell me (I'm really eager to read them! And YES, my email will be working today haha!)