Day 1 Of 31 Of FHH

Day 1 of 31 



What a whirlwind. 
Let me start by telling you this study can rock your world. Figuratively and literally. As I've been preparing for our launch of Day 1 of Famous In Heaven and At Home, the enemy has tried to win many battles. 

From hitting my knees and praying through feelings of Antepartum Depression again, from my husband seeing a pedestrian struck by a car and passing away, from finally identifying what occupational therapies can help my son, to running from Hurricane Irma ... my family has been stretched and extended. 

Those words: EXTEND, STRETCH & GRASP. 

You will see those themes mid-way through the study as we learn that the P31 (short version of Proverbs 31) woman did not give up. She is not give in. In hard times, she held true to her purpose & priorities. 

Absolutely a woman I admire. 



Another woman I admire is the author of this study, Michelle Myers. But reading the intro & first few days of this study... I wanted to throw the book across the room. Truly.

May seem a bit "temper-tantrum"ish ... but I had flashbacks being a workaholic. Flashbacks of juggling it all and losing myself in the process. If God was asking me to be all things for all people... honestly... I just was not interested (hello Mrs. Stubborn). I was scared of EXTENDING myself. Although very tempted to quietly tuck this book into the trashcan and find another study, I pushed through. And what God has revealed to me has been wonderfully painful. That my past pain was due to pride in attempting it all on my OWN. My pride in my motives to seek glory for ME. My sloppiness of managing my time properly. 

Can you remember a time in your life where you had TOO MUCH on your plate? And you grew more miserable each day?

I am THRILLED to inform you :: Proverbs 31 is NOT a resume. It is not ONE WOMAN. It is a list of CHARACTER TRAITS that describe a woman with noble character. 

(I didn't believe it either when I first read it. Hello Mrs. Skeptical lol apparently I have a lot to work on) 

To be a P31 woman, am I supposed to do laundry every day now?
To be a P31 woman, am I not supposed to lock my kids in a crate? #kidding



I could joke all day. But this isn't about me. It's about our relationship with our Creator. And becoming more like Jesus Christ. 

So pick up your Bible & your book.
Read Proverbs 31 and Day 1.
Then pray hard.

Pray that God pierces your deepest sins. Pray that you will stop being too busy for Him. That you will sit and rest with Him daily. And that He'd free you from any burden you are not supposed to be carrying. 

I am praying hard for you too.


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