Day 4 of 31 of FHH

Day 4 of 31 



Not just a trophy wife.
I remember telling Nick (my now husband) in college I wasn't a prize to be won. Apparently, I was a bit flirty and misleading because I had some guys with crushes on me ... and after a while, it felt like I was just a competition to them... as if whoever starting dating me had "won." Luckily, Nick never played that game. He was respectful and smart. So smart indeed that he played hard-to-get. Little sneak.

Either way, today's bible study brought up that memory. To be a woman with noble character, we are supposed to bring credibility to our husband. So even though I didn't want to be someone's PRIZE ... it does feel good knowing my husband is PROUD to have me as his wife.


I know marriage takes work. And it's easy to point the finger and say, "If he'd just ______, things would be better." However, that's not what our marriage vows said. Our vows were a committment to love our husbands 100%. Not 99% as long as he ______. 

Another powerful thing about marriage is that your spouse knows EVERYTHING about you and STILL loves you. Eek. 

Like those behind-the-walls-of-our-house fights where I yell. 
Like those white lies he's heard me tell. 
Like those selfish moments I deny. 

He loves me anyways. And as a Proverbs 31 woman, I want my husband to TRUST me. Trust my intentionsconfidentiality and affections


(just for fun, here is another young love picture of us from college) 

Read day 2 of our book today. Ask yourself these two honest questions: 

  • Are there any "slow fades" in your marriage?
  • How will i work to make my husband feel valued by me?

Notice, I didn't ask, "What things annoy you about your spouse?" or "What things has your husband done lately that he needs to 'work on'?"  NOPE. I asked you about you. Be humble and fight for your marriage and be willing to give 100% and even if you get 0% in return. 

Kinda like how Christ treats our relationship. He loves unconditionally. 

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