Day 5 Of 31 Of FHH

Day 5 of 21 



"Requires work and effort" 
I shared a blog yesterday about my fear of stretching myself too thin. What I didn't share was my past experiences (and consequences) of doing just that. Before I became a Online Health & Fitness Coach, I was Marketing Director for 5 years for a medical software company. It was a great company and I did my very best to offer excellence each day. 

However, quickly, I put my career in front of my husband (this was pre-kids too). I was NOT offering him my very best. I was offering him my leftovers. Soon enough, the pressures of work got the best of me. I developed adult acne. I traveled 75% away from home. I suffered from migraines and heart palpitations.

On the outside looking in, I was the youngest Director in this publicly traded company who had tripled her income in 5 years... I should have been happy. Or so I thought.

I was very unhappy. I wasn't fulfilled. I was doing all the right things for the wrong reasons. Which left me empty and fragile.

it was my own doing. My own choices. I had lost myself a bit. 



Chapter 31 of Proverbs is not ALL about putting your husband ... we will get to the mom stuff ... the business woman stuff ... but if our homes are on the brink of breaking, our entire foundation is at risk. 

We must put in WORK and EFFORT into our marriages. In it's simplest form, we must remember that doing our husband good means that we make him a priority in our lives. 

Do you know your husbands love language? 

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Today, no matter if you went to bed angry at each other last night. You humbly love and serve him today. Not because he is right and you are wrong. But because you value your relationship with God, and God calls us to give our husbands our best "all the days of our life." 

Ask God to rearrange your heart. Are your priorities out of whack like mine were?

God→ Spouse → Kids → Career 


What are some ways you can BETTER communicate with your spouse?
What are some things you need to FORGIVE them for?
What are some things you need to APOLOGIZE for?

Comment below  and tell me!