Day 6 Of 31 Of FHH

Day 6 of 21 



Tedious Tasks
We know them well. Picking up shoes from all over the house. Finding old spoons under the couch. Re-folding the laundry that your toddler "helped" you with. Putting away clinging dishes. Paying bills. 

Mundane Tasks. 

Even the P31 woman did mundane tasks. Ugh. Who else is domestically challenged? Perhaps I put too much pressure on myself because I don't run my home as "smooth" as another momma. I mean... my kids have matching socks for 3-days a month (the week that I give in a buy another bundle from Target). And bath time? "How about you jump in the pool instead tonight kids?

Or that motivating feeling to eat healthy tonight... but then somehow you realize you let your kids eat from the chip bag on the couch instead. 

I laugh at myself. Often. In case you were wondering... I DO NOT have it all together. 



Delight In Mundane Tasks
The P31 woman delights in taking care of her family... she doesn't grunt and grumble as if it's a duty and burden.




{PAUSE}  Lemme tell you my inner monologue:

"She starting to annoy me. She maintains her priorities. She make her husband proud. Her kids are always dressed (side note: why do my boys love being naked so much?). She serves inside and outside her home. Seemingly seamlessly. Is she perfect? I can't be perfect. I'm throwing in the towel."


Usually I am not bothered by diligent women who succeed at everything they touch. I love humility. I love cheering other on. But if I'm being honest today ... I'm still intimidated by how well she handles life. Or .... am I threatened? Has my "pride-alarm" gone off because I don't like to think "she's better than me" ? I keep telling myself, "I'll never be that good." 

God is convicting me as we speak... I am still caught up in the EXTERNAL. I am still caught up in the TASKS. And forget that it ALL originates from the heart. 

Everything about the P31 starts from her heart. 

And THAT I can feel good about. Because I trust God enough to know His job is to prune and purify my heart. And once MY HEART is being controlled by him ... my actions will become second nature. 

"OH, thank you for this breakthrough, God." 

God wants us to be INTENTIONAL with our time. And for us to DELIGHT in what taking care of our family. 

Not perfect. But put in solid effort. 

Each family will value different things. Does your family enjoy a certain meal each week? Plan for that! Do your kids have a favorite toy? Keep that toy organized and full of batteries. Would your husband prefer a clean bathroom or folded towels? Figure out what blessing would go a LONG way and do those first. 

Little things that will help the peace & calm in your home. Chew on that

You be the ATTITUDE leader. Don't complain. Don't grunt. Don't be passive aggressive. 

If you want your home to be positive & safe... you lead the way with being diligent in serving (and at times.. yes... go the extra mile). 

Mundane tasks can be opportunities for joy. Play some music while you do the dishes. Pray while you fold laundry. Even set the timer and see if you can pick up all the toys in 5 minutes (I may or may have do this...). 



Ladies, just like EVERY bible study we've walked through together... NONE of this can or should be done in your own strength. You must ask God for help and strength and power. 

Today ... how can you find joy in mundane tasks?

Comment below and tell me!