Day 8 of 31 OF FHH

Day 8 of 31 



Whatever It Takes! 
I'm gonna jump straight to the point -- today we talk about the sacrifices you make (not just think about making) to honor your priorities. The P31 woman wakes up when it's still dark... so are supposed to wake up early too? Can we be a women with Godly character is we sleep in?

YES!! It's less about the time of your alarm and MORE about the lack of excuses Ms. P31 makes to accomplish her purpose. 

Have you ever sat down and written out what a PERFECT day would look like? Feel like? Sound like? Taste like? I dare you to do that. I'm not talking about perfect day as in "lounge on the beach all day" - I'm talking about a standard day. A typical weekday with your normal life responsibilities. 

What kind of day would you LOVE? 



My perfect day would look like this: 

5am: Wake Up feeling rested
5am - 5:30am: Bible Study
5:30am - 6am: Prep for #LiveSlowBibleStudy
6am - 7am: Exercise then Coach work
7am - 8am: Kids awake / Breakfast / School prep
8am - 9am: Kids to school & back home
9am - 12pm: Focused work
12pm - 2pm: Hang with Everett (ideal: Everett naps) 
2pm - 6pm: Hang with kids / pool time / karate class
6pm - 8pm: Dinner / Bedtime routine / kid in bed
8pm - 9pm: Wrap up the day / hang with hubs 

Notice... I said PERFECT day. Things come up. I have doctor appointments. Kids home sick, Errands. Distractions. No naps. Late bedtimes. Etc. 

BUT, if that "routine" would provide a smooth road map for me to accomplish my daily tasks, then am I willing to make the sacrifice to stick to that plan?

The P31 woman would!

I want you to dig into the Bible today. There are TONS that God wants to teach you. 

  • Philippians 2:3-4
  • Luke 14:11
  • James 4:14 
  • Isaiah 30:18
  • Proverbs 29:23
  • Proverbs 22:4
  • 2 Chronicles 7:14
  • Galatians 5:13


It's certainly a matter of self-discipline. 

But not with your OWN strength and will-power. You must ask God to help you. Tap into the strength and endurance He promises to help the race He has set out for you. 

Love you! I will pray for you this morning! 

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