Day 9 Of 31 Of FHH

Day 9 of 31 



Be Willing To Serve
"Bottom Line: We cannot represent the character of a P31 woman if we are unwilling to serve" (pg.73).  Michelle dives right in today and I like it. As I just finished my personal bible study time before writing out today's recap ... I (true story) stopped in the middle of my devotion and started scrolling Facebook. 

I got sucked into some silly article and eventually unhooked my eyes when I got annoyed that internet was too slow. HA! I started right back where I left off in my Bible Study... feeling shocked at how easy it is to chase rabbit trails. 

Anyone else do that?

Facebook's 2015 earnings report showed that the average user spends 46 minutes a day on Facebook. Does this shock you? Am I saying social media is bad? No, not at all. But if it too easily tangles our attention that we neglect our Bible Study and our family... we have some adjustments to work through.

I digress. 

What we learn AGAIN in Proverbs 31:15 is that when she rises, she thinks of her family first. 



Now what are about her "maidens"? 

I love that we learn she does NOT do everything on her own. She has helpers. But notice... our first introduction of these maidens is not: 

"And her maidens helped her accomplish ______" 

No. The first interaction is of this P31 women SERVING her maidens. I found that significant. 

It's easy to look at those around us and assume everyone else has it "all together." Comparison surely is a trap. I love how the author mockingly described this false persona.

In today's world, most women believe in order to be considered a "put together woman," we must have: 

  1. Successful husbands with thriving, date-night filled marriages
  2. Well-behaved children who excel both at school and sports
  3. A blossoming career that comes so naturally (as if it's effortless)
  4. Pinterest-worthy home
  5. A wardrobe that both looks designer and cost them nothing (only to cover their toned body as a results of their daily workouts and drool worthy kale smoothies)
  6. Shampoo commercial-worthy hair & wrinkly-free, sun-kissed skin
  7. All wrapped up with a carefree smile that belongs on a toothpaste ad

Well, she nailed it. I laugh because how many time have we PRESSURED ourselves for not meeting a few of these marks. 

Let's just rise in the morning... be ourselves... pray for our family ... give thanks for the talents He has uniquely given each of us ... and walk with joy each day. 

Can I make a shameless plug here for a second?

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Happy Tuesday!

How can you better serve and do life alongside those God has placed in your life?

Comment below and tell me!