Day 13 of 31  of FHH

Day 13 of 31 



Her Gain Is Good
Have you ever exchanged something and it was beneficial for both parties involved?

AKA sold something?

Perhaps you are crafty and sell goods on Etsy? Perhaps you are an accountant and deliver quality reports to your boss? Perhaps you are a teacher and negotiate snack time based on good behavior?

Those actions ALL boil down to a transaction. Whether it be verbal or monetary. 

The P31 woman "senses her gain is good" because she knows her motives and integrity are in check. 

Examples of integrity: 

  • We can have integrity by refusing to participate in gossip.
  • We can have integrity by apologizing to our children when we lose our tempers. 
  • We can have integrity by admitting to our husbands when we are wrong. 
  • We can have integrity by not exaggerating our achievements. 
  • We can have integrity by being real about our struggles, rather than faking our way through life. 
  • We can have integrity by citing our sources within our social media content. 




Flip over to the #P31Practice section ... page 108. 

CHALLENGE : Live better offline to be better online. 

This was so great to read. It's so easy to see everyone's "highlight" reel on social media. If you are an influential person on social media or attempting leadership. My tip: Don't get the cart before the horse. Don't let your ego get the best of you. Don't put too much weight on the # of likes and comments your post gets. That is not where your worth is measured. 

Focus on being a P31 woman BEHIND THE SCENES, and it will come out naturally as you speak and share. 

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