Day 14 of 31 of FHH

Day 14 of 31 



Character Study NOT Job Description
Today we review Proverbs 31:18 again. The later part. The one we quickly glanced over & brushed under the rug, "Her lamp does not go out at night." 

YIKES. I need sleep. My family NEEDS me to sleep. Can I get an amen?

This is not about insomnia or being a workaholic. This is about doing the hard things (in all kinds of forms). She consistently extends her energy for good, and she is never off-duty for the people and the priorities that are most important to her. 

" humility, value others above ourselves,
not looking to your own interests but each of
you to the interests of others" Philippians 2:3-4



We learn that this "sacrifice" is LESS about late hours ... and MORE about letting our purpose trump our preference.

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