Day 18 of 31  of FHH

Day 18 of 31 



I think the topic of modesty is vast with opinions. Some teach that it’s immodest if you wear a two-piece bathing suit. Others argue about whether or not showing skin above your knee is appropriate. 

We aren’t going to discuss GUIDELINES or rules. God is not a God of rules and legalistic boundaries. 

He always wants us to look inward at our motives and seek His counsel in each decision. Even when it comes to clothing. 

When I was in college, I wrote & presented my senior thesis on “Modesty In Fashion.” Now, mind you, I want to a public liberal arts undergraduate school. Not a christian school. To discuss something as seemingly petty as modesty to a crowd of professors who are dealing with much larger scale sociological thesis’s … little ol’ me wanted to research and present how society’s view of modesty (or the pressure to dress with less) had impacted young girl’s self-image. 

Speaking of senior year in college... 



I brought up generational trends. The feminist movement. Corporate expectations for a women to wear skirts instead of pant suits. It was kinda interesting… in a Laura geeky kinda of way. 

I got an A :) 



In verse 22 of Proverbs 31, we see the choice word “cover” — I like that. It’s different than clothing. 

Let’s look into some common misconceptions about modesty. Then you can lead today’s study with prayer and seeking God’s guidance to what motives you have for dressing a certain way. 

  1. It’s my body, I can do what I want.
  2. If he’s tempted to lust after me because of what I’m wearing, it’s not fair that I have to limit myself or take the blame. It’s his sin not mine.
  3. Doesn’t that infringe on “freedom in Christ”
  4. Okay, I’ll just say it. I like the attention. It feels good to turn heads when I walk in a room.
  5. I don’t want to look different than everyone else. I want to blend in. 

Let’s switch gears to the TRUTH about modesty: 

  1. A heart that prioritizes modesty elevates God above herself.
  2. A heart that prioritizes modesty elevates others above themselves. 

Overall, we are learning that that Proverbs 31 woman wants God to get all the glory and wants to be an instrument for others coming to Christ. 

Filter every decision in your “coverings” on those two things and you will be just fine. 

What else do you think about modesty? Is there any area of your life you’ve kind of walked the line? I know I have. Not intentionally — it was a momentary lapse of judgement. It’s ok — forgive yourself and be mindful next time.

Comment below and tell me what you learned!