Day 21 Of #LiveSlowBibleStudy


Day 21 of 21 



This is it!
One of the surest ways to improve your health and your life - and the best way - is to do it with God as your partner. A big "aha" for me this day was that our DIET REFLECTS OUR VALUES. 

That seemed pretty intense. 

So if I eat a piece of candy? Am I sinning? If I grab a donut on a Saturday morning, am I disappointing God?

No. No. No. God wants us to eat sensibly. So the concept of having our diet reflect our character... it's more related to ongoing bad habits. If you are not eating healthy (plant-based, whole-foods as often as possible), then it seems our VALUE in our health is skewed. Does that make better sense?

The WORST feeling in the world (to me) is feeling dumb. Feeling judged. And sometimes sitting next to a friend who has MUCH better knowledge of health that I do ... I feel judged if I pick up a cookie. Isn't that the worst feeling?

Hear me now, loud and clear :: I will never (and have never) looked down on you or anyone who is on their journey. It's such a shame that as Christian women we'd make each other feel inferior. 

That is why this can be such a touchy subject. 


God deserves first place in our lives. Today. Tomorrow. Always. 

"Be careful no to forget the Lord." Deuteronomy 6:12

Our first responsibility is to God who created us. 
Our second responsibility is to be true to yourself. 

Forget about what the world says about beauty. You ask God how beautiful He thinks you are. 

It's time to TRULY accept yourself. And love yourself. 


Thank you for walking through this study with me!

A bit of housekeeping... I will start a NEW #LiveSlowBibleStudy starting on Monday, September 11th. I will announce the book soon so you can grab it in time!

Hit "REPLY" and tell me if you want to keep growing in your fitness & faith! 

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Day 20 Of #LiveSlowBibleStudy



Day 20 of 21 

What is worship? 
I used to think worship only occurred when I was within the doors of my church. On the contrary, worship should occur with every facet of our life. It can be an attitude of thankfulness or praise, it can be in actions, it can be in tears. Worship is simply showing God His WORTH to you. 

We can easily worship other things. Like food, money, fame, lust.

My mom frequently reminded me as a young girl, "Where your treasure is, your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

Dive into these scriptures today: 

  • Matthew 4:10
  • Psalm 100:2-3
  • John 4:23-24
  • Psalm 122:1
  • Acts 2:46-47


"God asks that we worship Him with our concentrated minds as well as with our wills and emotions. A divided and scattered mind is not effective." pg. 210

How can you worship God seven days a week?

Here are some of my notes: 

  • Put Him first (before I check my phone) 
  • Worship music playing in my house / car
  • Prayer & Devotion before hustle & bustle 
  • Attitude of gratefulness

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Day 19 Of #LiveSlowBibleStudy


Day 19 of 21 



Zeal & Fervor
Not gonna lie. I had to look these words up on Mr. Google dictionary. So humor me as I take us back to elementary school.

Zeal: // great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

Fervor: // intense and passionate feeling.

These words jumped at me as I read Romans 12:11. "Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord." 

Today we focus on recharging our spiritual batteries. LOVE THIS because it's a reminder that we are not the energizer bunny. And we need to refuel, recharge, regroup and reset. Often. 


It takes energy to do God's work! And a well-rested Christian can be a much more effective worker for God. So we should plan our life, our sleep, our plans accordingly.

Perhaps by now we can all agree that exercise decreases stress. If we are drained... our body tells us we should sit on the couch and veg out. Our brains should tell us that it's the perfect time to get our blood flowing with a quick 20 minute workout.  

This is a MIND SHIFT! 

Also, if you're a person with too many demands and too few hours in which to meet them, it's probably time to examine your priorities while you pare down your daily to-dos. (pg. 202). 

Dive into these scriptures today: 

  • 2 Timothy 3:16-17
  • Matthew 4:4
  • Matthew 24:35
  • Hebrews 4:12
  • Romans 1:16
  • Isaiah 40:31

What strength can be yours when you follow God's path & trust His promises?

How do you need to recharge today?

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Day 18 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 18 of 21



We are unfinished. 
We live in an instant society. One full of quick fixes & timed drive-thrus. One where waiting 30 seconds on the microwave to heat you your coffee seems wildly inconvenient. Gosh! It's why I try to remember my life's mission (yes, I have to remind myself daily): Laura, chill. Love Fast & Live Slow. 

Anyone familiar with the Christian song by Mandisa called, "Unfinished"? I may or may not be blasting that in my office as I soak in today's biblical principles. 

So you can join in my jams, here you go: 


I'll tell ya the truth. I'm a bit emotionally raw after today's video recap. It's as if my words (or ability to type words) has escaped me. So instead of sharing more, just watch the video and be relieved that God has us on a JOURNEY. 

So even if things are dark right now, it won't be forever. 
And if things are great right now, hold tight, it will get bumpy again. 

Love you all. 

Hit "REPLY" and tell me what God is teaching you! 

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Day 17 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 17 of 21

Screenshot 2017-08-29 13.46.25.png

Are you a worry wart? 

An alarming 86% of us are worriers.

It’s become almost a cliché in to complain about being stressed but a new study has found that the majority of us really are burnt out.

A whopping 86% of adults consider themselves to be a worrier, with everyday stresses from work, to family, to uncontrollable circumstances. They weigh massively on our minds. Did you know that the average adult spends one hour and 50 minutes a day worrying? (According to the study conducted by Rescue Remedy.) That adds up to 12 hours and 53 minutes a week – that’s nearly 28 days a year spent worrying.

Almost 13 hours. Wow! 


God has a good bit to say about our emotional health. 

Dive into these scriptures today: 

  • Matthew 6:25
  • Philippians 4:6
  • Matthew 6:34
  • Psalm 23:4
  • Isaiah 43:2-3
  • Philippians 4:7-8
Screenshot 2017-08-29 13.49.03.png


If you struggle with worry & anxiety, you are not a weirdo. You are not alone. But what did you takeaway from this video? 

How is your emotional state?
How can you protect your emotional health today?

Comment below and tell me! 

Day 16 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 16 of 21 

When you form a deeper relationship with God, you can start establishing healthier habits, starting now. (8).png


Does God want us to be busy?
I've pondered this lately. Does God want us to be busy? Or does He want us to be productive? I grew up in a good ol' Southern Baptist Church and somehow adopted the mindset that God was MORE pleased with me when I "did" more. There started my achievement addiction. 

If you volunteered more, served more, gave more, prayed more, then you'd earn a higher approval rating from our Father. 

This was fun for a while. Then after my own willpower ran dry (because... humanness), I was left exhausted, dry, burned out & frazzled. It was a dangerous place to be and EXACTLY where the enemy wanted me. Relying on my own wisdom & strength. And passively telling God, "I got this." 

I never have this. 
I never had it. 
Only God can direct my path. 

TRUTH: God wants us to have impeccable work ethic. 
FALSE: God wants us to be rely on our own strength to accomplish each day. 

When you form a deeper relationship with God, you can start establishing healthier habits, starting now. (9).png


I mentioned a few days ago that I had a life song. It's by a folk band named, Rend Collective. It's been years since I've listened. But as I replayed it this morning, tears well in my eyes. 

This is my favorite lyric: "Spend my life Jesus, anyway You please. Whether on great things, or what seems small" 


As we focus on perspective & balance today, ask God to prune you. To show you anything you need to add or take away from your day. 

The only life worth living is the one where God calls the shots. 

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Day 15 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 15 of 21 

What is addiction?
According to Mr. Dictionary, the definition of addiction is "the compulsive need for a habit-forming substance; the condition of being habitually and compulsively occupied by something."

Let's put that in perspective as believers. It means compulsively worshipping something other than God. 

Can we worship food and allow it to be a secret addiction? Absolutely!
What do you crave?
Is there a food you know is bad for you but you CRAVE it almost obnoxiously? Diet coke? Sweets? Chips? Are you an emotional eater? You run to food to cope instead of prayer?

I think we've all been there. The first step to recovery is ADMITTING there is an addiction to the feeling you get when eating that food. 

Essentially, what we are saying to God when we run to food instead of Him is, "This will give me a better feeling that you will." This is backwards. And that lie is from the enemy. 


Take a moment to dig through these: 

  • Romans 13:13
  • 1 Peter 5:8
  • Exodus 20:3
  • Ephesians 2:4-5
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9
  • Ephesians 1:7-8

If you are broken and in bondage over food addiction, I want to pray for you. You are not alone. Consider taking the first step in admitting this sin by praying for forgiveness. Seeking God first (before roaming the kitchen). 

This is a book this I've loved. Grab is from your local bookstore or our good friend, Amazon. We have 6 more days in this study. Perfect timing for it to arrive and to start your next bible study with Made To Crave.



I love you. I do. I care deeply. And I will commit to praying fervently today that God breaks the chains of ANY addiction we have in our life (myself included). 

Ask Him to reveal areas in your life that are ALMOST addictions because you are allowing them to become idols. Protect yourself and ask Him for help. 

Comment below and tell me what's on your heart! 

Day 14 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 14 of 21 


Let that sink in. 
God, who created the heavens & the earth, not only CARES about every detail of your life... but He has a PLAN for every detail of our life. Spiritually, physically, and emotionally. 

Sometimes HIS plans are different than what we want. For example, my dad had cancer. Did we want him to have leukemia with a 30% chance of survival? No. Was that a part of our plan? No. 

But I know God is a good good Father and had us in His hands the whole time. 

Do you know someone who has suffered from a deadly disease? Does it hurt to think about God "planning" that?

Let's rewind a bit... God loves His children. Sometimes disease is outside our control. And sometimes it's the result of years of poor choices. Kinda tough to swallow. My deepest sorrow and compassion if you or a loved one are suffering from illness. God is not punishing you. But you can make a commitment to live your best as an act of obedience. 

When illness or disease are a result of poor health choices, He may allow us to experience CONSEQUENCES. Just like I will allow my son to experience consequences of poor choices. Is this making sense? I know it may be a bit morbid. 

Yet, it spotlights the responsibility we have to take care of our body - and to ASK HIM to help us.


Do you trust God? 
Do you believe what He says about taking care of the body He gave you?

Dive into His Word today and ask Him to give you more faith: 

  • Romans 8:28
  • Psalm 37:23-24
  • Philippians 2:13
  • Psalm 32:8
  • Psalm 18:28
  • Psalm 25:12-13

What do you think God is trying to teach you today?

Comment below and tell me! 

Day 13 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 13 of 21 



You are responsible for you. 
We can be real with one another right? Have you ever thought (or dare I say, said out loud) that you'd eat healthier ONLY IF your spouse didn't fill the house with junk? Or you'd workout ONLY IF your work schedule was more convenient? 

I know this trap all too well because I've been there. From what we've learned in the past 12 days, you know where I am going with this. Only YOU are responsible for what foods you put in your mouth. Yep.  And YOU are responsible for how you spend your 24 hours.

Beautiful reminders to dig into: 

  • Proverbs 20:11
  • Galatians 6:4-5
  • Psalm 16:11
  • Psalm 97:11-12
  • Psalm 90:12

Just in case you are looking for additional support in this journey, I experience great joy when I can offer small group support to help folks (you) take the next step in your journey. 

Here are some thoughts: 

  1. Do you have a friend/neighbor/church member who has similar health & fitness goals? Would you ask them to buddy up with you?
  2. Do you have a workout class at your local gym that you could attend?
  3. Are you surrounded by positive people who are improving their health?

Feel free to check out the options I have for support: 
Life Group (brand new): Click here
Mendenhall Fit Club: Click here


Remember, you are responsible for you. 

What are at least three things you need to take responsibility for today?

Comment below and tell me! 

Day 12 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 12 of 21 


Do you get enough sleep?
Rest comes in many forms. But today I am specifically going to ask you about a magical 5 letter word: SLEEP. 

I believe we are all smart enough to understand the benefits of sleep. Let me refresh you (because you may be sleepy): 

  1. Improve memory
  2. Live longer
  3. Curb inflammation
  4. Spur creativity
  5. Sharpen attention
  6. Maintain healthy weight
  7. Lower stress

Speaking of sharpening attention... this video went from fun to chaos quick. I debated on re-recording ... Enjoy! 


One of my favorite reminders from today's Bible Study was on page 126, "God expects us to work hard, but He also intends for us to rest." He made no accidents when He created every detail of the human body. Including the consequences of depriving ourselves from healthy sleep patterns. 

He set up warning signs to protect us from ourselves. 

Dive into these scriptures today: 

  • Matthew 11:28-30
  • Psalm 116:7
  • Romans 12:2
  • Mark 6:30-31
  • Psalm 12:1-2
  • Leviticus 23:3

Sleep is a vital part of our overall health. Think about what bad habits you can adjust to set yourself up for a better night's sleep.

Here are seven ideas: 

  1. Reduce your intake of caffiene
  2. Calm down an hour before bedtime
  3. Don't go to bed anxious, quiet your mind
  4. Wake up at the same time every morning
  5. Write down worries//to-dos & then release them
  6. Exercise on a regular basis
  7. If insomnia persists, contact your doctor

I agree. Sometimes getting a full night sleep is challenging. But if we are going to prioritize every other area of our health, why neglect this area? 

Can you be honest with me? What do your sleep patterns look like? If they are not great, do you credit lack of sleep on your lack of obedience?

Comment below and tell me! 

Day 11 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 11 of 21 


Spending Quiet Time With God
As the demands of everyday life weigh down upon you, you may become so wrapped up in your obligations that you just don't take enough time for God. A far better strategy, of course, is to quiet yourself every day. 

Kitchen Talk

I can remember a time (not too long ago) when I used to battle IBS & Acid Reflux like nobody's business. Doctor appointment after doctor appointment... test after test... after ever fiber supplement you can imagine, after wearing heart monitors, after a colonoscopy, after ALMOST caving in and thinking I was just going to be in pain for the rest of my life... 

I got desperate. Desperate enough to search for a natural solution. 

I've never been overweight. But I've had unhealthy habits. I (unfortunatetly) was wrong to think a bag of daily gummy bears and boxed hamburger helper for dinner was a decent diet. When those same doctors asked if I was a healthy eater, my snarky answer was always, "yes!"  However, my definition of healthy eating at the time was eating one bowl of fruity pebbles instead of three.  


In search for a natural detox / cleanse, I came across a health shake that I was willing to give a try. After all, I had reached my wits end. And what do ya know ... this "shake" that I originally thought I was too good for IMMEDIATELY changed the function of my dysfunctional body. It was like putting gas in my car for the first time in years. 

Apparently pumping our bodies with the right vitamins DOES magically make our organs, intestines, skin, brain and stomach happy. I was hooked. 

SO :: My question to you, what does your kitchen look like? Are you stocking your fridge and pantry with NUTRITIOUS food (and not just empty calories)? Or are you feeling crappy, bloated, sluggish and foggy... and in denial that it could be food related?

Here is a helpful video to guide you through cleaning our your pantry: KITCHEN INTERVENTION! 


Dive into these scriptures today: 

  • Isaiah 50:4-5
  • 2 Samuel 22:29
  • Psalm 86:11
  • Psalm 32:8
  • Proverbs 3:13

Remember, you are not only developing habits to workout & eat right... you are developing (more importantly) the discipline to meet with God daily. "A person with no devotional life generally struggles with faith and obedience." Charles Stanley


What are some of the benefits you are or have experience when spending more time with God?

Comment below and tell me! 

Day 9 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 9 of 21 

This one hit me in the face. 
"If you're having trouble prioritizing your day - or if you're having trouble sticking to a plan that enhances your spiritual and physical health - perhaps you've been trying to organize your life according to your own plans, not God's." (pg. 95).

Yikes. Did you catch that? If you are struggling with "fitting in" things that enhance your physical or spiritual fitness... then you are trying to do things on your own. 

Perhaps we all need to be called out. 

Dive into these scriptures today and allow God to teach you: 

  • 3 John 1:2
  • 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
  • John 10:10
  • Ephesians 4:1
  • Psalm 23:5-6
  • James 5:13

I want to introduce you to Katie. 

She is a friend of mine who (through lots of roller coaster starts & stops) finally decided to make her health a priority. 

I'll let her words do the talking because it was HER hard work and determination which led her to lose over 100 lbs in 10 months. 


It's just like a light bulb.

One day you can wake up and decide to change! 

Did Katie's story inspire you?
Do you PLAN in advance so your keep your health a priority?

Hit "REPLY" and tell me about it! 


Day 8 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 8 of 21 

I've made dumb choices. 
We all have. When you think about the ripple effect of our daily choices, they are more powerful than you think. Not in the sense that if we eat one dessert, we've sabotaged our health for life... but be aware that each choice has significant power. 

Did you know that we make nearly 35,000 choices each day?
"The average amount of remotely conscious decisions an adult makes each day equals about 35,000. In contrast, young children only make about 3,000 decisions each day." 

Thinking Business Blog



You know what's hard? Realizing no one will micromanage you to make good choices all day long. That is YOUR responsibility. And yours alone. 

AHH! Scary because I know I am prone to fall. 
Prone to stumble. 
Prone to quit on myself. 

BUT this time is different!
This time you know who to go to for the ULTIMATE help & guidance. God cares. God can help you!
Ask Him for wisdom & the will power to live your healthiest life. 

I'm curious - are you afraid to let yourself down? To let others down? Are you still afraid to ask God to help you daily with your health & fitness lifestyle?

Comment below and let me know! 

Day 10 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 10 of 21 


Discipline is not a bad word. 
If you follow me on social media (I follow a lot of you too!), you may have noticed a tangent I recently had about this very topic. 

Some people think the word DISCIPLINE is a bad word.

They roll their eyes. 
They laugh it off. 
They belittle their capabilities. 
They glory in laziness.

Understanding the NEED for discipline is easy, but leading a disciplined life can be hard for most of us.

... another TRUTH BOMB ...

"As Christians, we are instructed to lead disciplined lives, and when we behave in undisciplined ways, we live outside God's will."

God doesn't reward laziness.

No one likes to talk about laziness 

But it can be unlearned.



Dive into these scriptures today and let God teach you: 

  • Hebrews 12:11
  • Proverbs 10:17
  • 2 Peter 1:5-6
  • 1 Corinthians 9:27
  • Matthew 7:20
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9 


Do you ever feel that way (what I shared in the video)?

But it's liberating to know that God doesn't need us to be PERFECT. He just needs us to show up, give our best and give Him the glory.

Have you been trying to "do" everything by yourself in the name of "working hard"? Remember, no matter how disciplined we are, it will NEVER be as productive as when we allow God to take the reigns. 

Comment below and tell me how you can be better disciplined! 

Day 7 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 7 of 21 

Sunday's are my favorite. 
What does your Sunday routine look like? My husband works at our church so he leaves around 6:30am. The boys and I wake up slowly and spend the morning eating breakfast, watching cartoons, doing my devotion, etc.  We go to the later service at our church (11am). If I'm supermom that day (rarely), I go ahead and have lunch planned out. Occurs once every 100 months. ha

I LOVE MY CHURCH. If you are local to the Pinellas County area and looking for a church home, come visit anytime: East Lake Calvary

Anywho... let's dive into Day 7. 

Today's focus is PRAYER.  

Too many of us, even well-intentioned believers, tend to "compartmentalize" our waking hours into a few familiar categories: work, rest, play, family time, and worship. 

Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer.  Romans 12:12

Add prayer to your habit list. 
There’s no doubt: prayer does not come naturally. It is something that we all need to strive for. If we are not careful, we might slowly come to a point where our conscience does not bother us anymore when we fail to pray. For this reason, I would like to share with you some tips that we can use to develop the habit of prayer.

  1. Pray before anything else
  2. Never eat a meal without praying
  3. Avoid distractions
  4. Seek the support of others
  5. Keep a prayer journal 
  6. Do a 30-Day Challenge
  7. Have a prayerful attitude

What do you need to pray about consistently?

How does your prayer life look?

I'd love to pray for you. Share any prayer request below or via email :

Day 6 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 6 of 21 

Are you a perfectionist?
In other words, are you someone who has to have all the answers and everything planned out before taking action? Perhaps you excuse your procrastination by claiming your OCD ways are just helping you be prepared for any possible outcome. 

But did you realize that the habit of putting things off until the last minute can be detrimental to your life, to your character, and to your health. 

Are you in the habit of doing things when they need to be done?


I find TODAY very ironic.

Each of your 252 bible study pals are receiving this day 6 email & blog several hours later than normal. Ironic right?

It's been a blessing for me to prepare each day's study a few days in advance - I've enjoyed praying over the content and hitting send at just the right time so you all can expect consistency. 

This this happened yesterday instead ...

I am 20 weeks pregnant. I woke up with a nasty headache yesterday. Nothing that alarmed me. But then I started having light contractions (this is my 3rd pregnancy so I was aware how odd this could be) and Mr. Doctor advised me to go to the hospital for some tests. 

A few hours later, I'm released from the hospital and everything is fine. Heartbeat is solid. Cramps decreased. And I went on my way after suffering from dehydration that resulted in a whacky day.   

I digress. 

I am back. But a bit behind. I went to bed at 8:30pm last night and enjoyed a solid 11 hrs of sleep (yes, it was as magical as it sounds!). 

I share all that to say... I knew I should have tackled Day 6 waaaaay before yesterday. Not guilting myself or inviting you to pet me with compassion (thanks!) but I share because I procrastinated in preparing this for you guys... and here we are.... 1/2 a day behind. lol 

Don't you enjoy when God teaches you lessons?

As I've grown in my faith, I've learned that God wants us to relay on Him AND work extremely hard. 

So these healthy habits you are working on, I know it might come naturally. But gone are the days where you can easily say "well, I just don't feel like it"  -- now you are aware that God can not only give you the roadmap to a healthier life, but He will also give you the desire & power to accomplish this roadmap. 

Dig deeper into these scriptures today:

  • 1 Peter 1:13
  • James 1:22
  • Ecclesiastes 5:4
  • Romans 2:13
  • Matthew 25:21
  • 1 Corinthians 9:27

What are your health related goals? Have you told me about them? 

Comment below and tell me! 

Day 5 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 5 of 21 

The Right Kind of Exercise For You
I always tell people... "The BEST exercise is the one you will actually do!" Name it and I've tried it (I like variety): dance classes, spin classes, body pump classes, hot yoga, pilates, marathon training, Crossfit, aerobics, gymnastics, at-home workouts, etc. 

Does your fitness resume include several "things"? I want you to know THAT IS OK!! We are not workout snobs ... the goal is to spice things up, change up your routine, create muscle confusion and KEEP GOING! 

Consistency is incredibly important. 

Can you "work out" by taking a casual walk around your neighborhood yet see no (to little) results? Absolutely. I think we need to be realistic with our exercise capabilities and then go UP a notch. 

Wherever you THINK you are ... you can take it one step up. 

You are stronger than you think! 

"Physical activity achieved at any level is an essential
ingredient in slowing down the process of aging and turning
life into a far more useful, enjoyable - and independent - affair"
(pg. 55) 


Side Effects to Exercise

Did you catch that? Physical activity at ANY level can slow down aging. Sign me up! 

Another favorite side effect from exercise is the MENTAL strengthening that occurs. I believe that spiritual development and endurance exercise go hand-in-hand.  

Are you seeking wisdom or understanding in a situation in your life? Perhaps you need to squeeze in a quick workout session before making that big work decision. Before writing that friend back with resentment in your heart. Before making a bad decision. Go clear your head with a workout. 

The benefits of exercise are not only physical but also psychological. 

A personal observation: If we just wake up + scratch our head in confusion + then try to create some workout on our own.... we likely aren't pushing ourselves and strengthening our bodies to the next level. 

What do I do?
I workout at-home with an on demand streaming program ... kinda like Netflix for workouts. It has over 7,000 video workout options so I never plateau or get bored.  It includes meal plans, cooking classes, workout schedules, weekly tracking email, etc. 

It's been pretty revolutionary for the fitness industry. 

If this sounds like something you'd want to have at your fingertips, let me know. I am here to help. 

Again, the BEST exercise is the one you will do. So start somewhere!

Love you ladies already. I enjoy chatting with you! 

Comment below if you want to share what you learned today (or if you want some exercise ideas)! 

Day 4 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 4 of 21 

Is taking care of our bodies worship?
Check out the 12th chapter of Romans. Paul encourages us to make our bodies "holy and pleasing to God." He adds that to do so is a "spiritual act of worship."

Let's state the obvious: God intends that we take special care of the bodies He has given us.

"Don’t you know that your body is a
sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you, 
whom you have from God? You are not your own, f
or you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify
God in your body." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Taking care of our body isn't a "when I feel like it" ... it's a command. Do you see that now? And we don't have to take drastic measures. We can use common sense and discipline.  

"Sow righteousness for yourself and reap faithful love;
break up your untilled ground. It is time to seek the Lord..."
Hosea 10:12

Break up your untilled ground. 
When I read this verse last week, I had to stop to dig a bit deeper. 

What do I mean by dive deeper?

Well first, let's make this clear, "All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness." 2 Timothy 3:16 ... but I need help most days discerning what the author truly meant when they scribed the words thousands of years ago. 

I like to search through commentaries (What is a Bible commentary? A Bible commentary is a series of notes explaining the meaning of passages of Scripture) for extra assistance. 

Here are some examples of online (free) commentaries I use: 


There are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle! 

From the video today: What areas in your life are still "untilled"? 

Comment below and tell me! 


Day 3 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 3 of 21 

If you want to lose weight, don't go on a diet.

Be honest, you've tried dieting before... and failed? Instead of crash dieting, change your lifestyle. 

There have been about 1.17 billion fads and "trends" in the diet world. What should you eat? When should you eat? What should you avoid?

Fad diets come and go, but the idea of dieting itself has been around for centuries. From President Taft to Victoria Beckham, and the Grapefruit Diet to Slim-Fast... trying to EAT HEALTHY can be confusing. 


Let's have some fun ... did you know?

1820: Lord Byron popularizes the Vinegar and Water Diet, which entails drinking water mixed with apple cider vinegar.

1925:  The Lucky Strike cigarette brand launches the "Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet" campaign, capitalizing on nicotine's appetite-suppressing superpowers.

1930s: The Grapefruit Diet—a.k.a. the Hollywood Diet—is born. The popular low-cal plan calls for eating grapefruit with every meal.

1950s: The Cabbage Soup Diet promises you can lose 10–15 pounds in a week by eating a limited diet including cabbage soup every day.

Mid-1950s: Urban legend has it that opera singer Maria Callas dropped 65 pounds on the Tapeworm Diet, allegedly by swallowing a parasite-packed pill.

1963: Weight Watchers is founded by Jean Nidetch, a self-described "overweight housewife obsessed with cookies."

1977: Slim-Fast—a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, then a sensible dinner—becomes a diet staple.

1985: Harvey and Marilyn Diamond publish Fit for Life, which prohibits complex carbs and protein from being eaten during the same meal.

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1991: Americans go low-fat, eating foods like McDonald’s McLean Deluxe burger.

1992: Robert C. Atkins, MD, publishes Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, a high-protein, low-carb plan.

1995: The Zone Diet, which calls for a specific ratio of carbs, fat, and protein at each meal, begins to attract celeb fans.

2000: Gwyneth Paltrow lends cred to the Macrobiotic Diet, a restrictive Japanese plan based on whole grains and veggies.

2003: Miami doctor Arthur Agatston, MD, adds fuel to the low-carb craze by publishing The South Beach Diet, seen as a more moderate version of Atkins.

2004: The FDA bans the sale of diet drugs and supplements containing ephedra after it's linked to heart attacks.

2011: The HCG Diet, which combines a fertility drug with a strict 500- to 800-calorie-a-day regimen, invites interest—and criticism.

2015: The paleo diet — all things that would have been accessible to Paleolithic humans who inhabited the planet roughly 2.6 million years ago. 

2016: The ketogenic diet (keto) is a low-carb, high-fat diet, which aims to lower blood sugar and insulin levels by shifting the body’s metabolism away from carbs, towards healthy fats such as those found in olive oil, fish and avocados. 

2017: Whether it’s for health or ethical reason, veganism—a diet which excludes all meat, fish, poultry and animal by-products such as eggs, dairy products and honey—is wildly popular.


"But Laura, what do YOU eat? What is your suggestion on healthy eating?

I anticipated this question. And truly, I've gone back and forth on how I should respond. Not because I waiver on my opinion but because of how it could be interpreted. I am an online health & fitness coach. I partner with a company who is the leading expert and provider of this field. So when I share my go-to nutrition advice, please do not interpret it as me "selling" you. It is timeless and focuses on pumping our bodies with vitamins & clean nutrition. I am simply sharing the solution I've found, make sense?

Just like His Word says, "Without consultation,
plans are frustrated, But with many counselors
they succeed." Proverbs 15:22

I like simple. Simple nutrition. 

  • Eating whole foods
  • Less Sugar
  • More Greens
  • In the right portions

I cannot wait to hear what you learned from the scripture referenced in Day 3 of our book -- Comment below and tell me!