Introducing our first health & fitness #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Welcome to our #LiveSlowBibleStudy ! I've been hosting these sporadic bible study videos for a few years on my social media. However, I feel compelled to host an online bible study series about a topic very near and dear to my heart: health & fitness. 

Why am I hosting this bible study via email & blog (and not social media)? I'd love for us to complete each day's bible study on your own. Make it personal. Intentionally connect with God with as little distractions as possible. 

Starting on Monday, August 7th, you will begin receiving a daily email with a recap of our devotional + a graphic with special quotes & verses + an occasional video from yours truly, etc.  I am calling this a #LiveSlowBibleStudy (so look for that in the subject line) because my passion is to help as many people as possible learn to love fast & live slow.

I've been walking through a daily devotional called, "Food, Fitness & Faith for Women" and I am inviting you to purchase this same booklet. This is where I will draw inspiration for our daily email.

Make sure you order it asap: ORDER HERE (as little at $2 on Amazon) 

Yes, the more the merrier. Copy/Paste this link to them (so they get on the email list):

I have a Master's Degree in Discipleship Ministries  - not that that makes me cool - but it perhaps shows you I am 100% passionate about helping myself & others study the bible.  In all my imperfections, I respect we may have different backgrounds. Different convictions. Different (non-gospel related) theological interpretations. As long as we all agree that Jesus Christ is our Savior (John 14:6) + the Bible is absolutely inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16), this this study & our time together will all make sense. 

Thanks everyone! Talk to you soon!