Day 5 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 5 of 21 

The Right Kind of Exercise For You
I always tell people... "The BEST exercise is the one you will actually do!" Name it and I've tried it (I like variety): dance classes, spin classes, body pump classes, hot yoga, pilates, marathon training, Crossfit, aerobics, gymnastics, at-home workouts, etc. 

Does your fitness resume include several "things"? I want you to know THAT IS OK!! We are not workout snobs ... the goal is to spice things up, change up your routine, create muscle confusion and KEEP GOING! 

Consistency is incredibly important. 

Can you "work out" by taking a casual walk around your neighborhood yet see no (to little) results? Absolutely. I think we need to be realistic with our exercise capabilities and then go UP a notch. 

Wherever you THINK you are ... you can take it one step up. 

You are stronger than you think! 

"Physical activity achieved at any level is an essential
ingredient in slowing down the process of aging and turning
life into a far more useful, enjoyable - and independent - affair"
(pg. 55) 


Side Effects to Exercise

Did you catch that? Physical activity at ANY level can slow down aging. Sign me up! 

Another favorite side effect from exercise is the MENTAL strengthening that occurs. I believe that spiritual development and endurance exercise go hand-in-hand.  

Are you seeking wisdom or understanding in a situation in your life? Perhaps you need to squeeze in a quick workout session before making that big work decision. Before writing that friend back with resentment in your heart. Before making a bad decision. Go clear your head with a workout. 

The benefits of exercise are not only physical but also psychological. 

A personal observation: If we just wake up + scratch our head in confusion + then try to create some workout on our own.... we likely aren't pushing ourselves and strengthening our bodies to the next level. 

What do I do?
I workout at-home with an on demand streaming program ... kinda like Netflix for workouts. It has over 7,000 video workout options so I never plateau or get bored.  It includes meal plans, cooking classes, workout schedules, weekly tracking email, etc. 

It's been pretty revolutionary for the fitness industry. 

If this sounds like something you'd want to have at your fingertips, let me know. I am here to help. 

Again, the BEST exercise is the one you will do. So start somewhere!

Love you ladies already. I enjoy chatting with you! 

Comment below if you want to share what you learned today (or if you want some exercise ideas)!