Day 8 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 8 of 21 

I've made dumb choices. 
We all have. When you think about the ripple effect of our daily choices, they are more powerful than you think. Not in the sense that if we eat one dessert, we've sabotaged our health for life... but be aware that each choice has significant power. 

Did you know that we make nearly 35,000 choices each day?
"The average amount of remotely conscious decisions an adult makes each day equals about 35,000. In contrast, young children only make about 3,000 decisions each day." 

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You know what's hard? Realizing no one will micromanage you to make good choices all day long. That is YOUR responsibility. And yours alone. 

AHH! Scary because I know I am prone to fall. 
Prone to stumble. 
Prone to quit on myself. 

BUT this time is different!
This time you know who to go to for the ULTIMATE help & guidance. God cares. God can help you!
Ask Him for wisdom & the will power to live your healthiest life. 

I'm curious - are you afraid to let yourself down? To let others down? Are you still afraid to ask God to help you daily with your health & fitness lifestyle?

Comment below and let me know!