Day 14 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 14 of 21 


Let that sink in. 
God, who created the heavens & the earth, not only CARES about every detail of your life... but He has a PLAN for every detail of our life. Spiritually, physically, and emotionally. 

Sometimes HIS plans are different than what we want. For example, my dad had cancer. Did we want him to have leukemia with a 30% chance of survival? No. Was that a part of our plan? No. 

But I know God is a good good Father and had us in His hands the whole time. 

Do you know someone who has suffered from a deadly disease? Does it hurt to think about God "planning" that?

Let's rewind a bit... God loves His children. Sometimes disease is outside our control. And sometimes it's the result of years of poor choices. Kinda tough to swallow. My deepest sorrow and compassion if you or a loved one are suffering from illness. God is not punishing you. But you can make a commitment to live your best as an act of obedience. 

When illness or disease are a result of poor health choices, He may allow us to experience CONSEQUENCES. Just like I will allow my son to experience consequences of poor choices. Is this making sense? I know it may be a bit morbid. 

Yet, it spotlights the responsibility we have to take care of our body - and to ASK HIM to help us.


Do you trust God? 
Do you believe what He says about taking care of the body He gave you?

Dive into His Word today and ask Him to give you more faith: 

  • Romans 8:28
  • Psalm 37:23-24
  • Philippians 2:13
  • Psalm 32:8
  • Psalm 18:28
  • Psalm 25:12-13

What do you think God is trying to teach you today?

Comment below and tell me!