Day 18 of #LiveSlowBibleStudy

Day 18 of 21



We are unfinished. 
We live in an instant society. One full of quick fixes & timed drive-thrus. One where waiting 30 seconds on the microwave to heat you your coffee seems wildly inconvenient. Gosh! It's why I try to remember my life's mission (yes, I have to remind myself daily): Laura, chill. Love Fast & Live Slow. 

Anyone familiar with the Christian song by Mandisa called, "Unfinished"? I may or may not be blasting that in my office as I soak in today's biblical principles. 

So you can join in my jams, here you go: 


I'll tell ya the truth. I'm a bit emotionally raw after today's video recap. It's as if my words (or ability to type words) has escaped me. So instead of sharing more, just watch the video and be relieved that God has us on a JOURNEY. 

So even if things are dark right now, it won't be forever. 
And if things are great right now, hold tight, it will get bumpy again. 

Love you all. 

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