Day 21 Of #LiveSlowBibleStudy


Day 21 of 21 



This is it!
One of the surest ways to improve your health and your life - and the best way - is to do it with God as your partner. A big "aha" for me this day was that our DIET REFLECTS OUR VALUES. 

That seemed pretty intense. 

So if I eat a piece of candy? Am I sinning? If I grab a donut on a Saturday morning, am I disappointing God?

No. No. No. God wants us to eat sensibly. So the concept of having our diet reflect our character... it's more related to ongoing bad habits. If you are not eating healthy (plant-based, whole-foods as often as possible), then it seems our VALUE in our health is skewed. Does that make better sense?

The WORST feeling in the world (to me) is feeling dumb. Feeling judged. And sometimes sitting next to a friend who has MUCH better knowledge of health that I do ... I feel judged if I pick up a cookie. Isn't that the worst feeling?

Hear me now, loud and clear :: I will never (and have never) looked down on you or anyone who is on their journey. It's such a shame that as Christian women we'd make each other feel inferior. 

That is why this can be such a touchy subject. 


God deserves first place in our lives. Today. Tomorrow. Always. 

"Be careful no to forget the Lord." Deuteronomy 6:12

Our first responsibility is to God who created us. 
Our second responsibility is to be true to yourself. 

Forget about what the world says about beauty. You ask God how beautiful He thinks you are. 

It's time to TRULY accept yourself. And love yourself. 


Thank you for walking through this study with me!

A bit of housekeeping... I will start a NEW #LiveSlowBibleStudy starting on Monday, September 11th. I will announce the book soon so you can grab it in time!

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