Laura started as a Beachbody Coach March 2013.

It was incredible to watch God transform Laura's career. She wanted to marry her passion for mentoring and discipleship with health & fitness. We had no idea something like Beachbody Coaching was out there.


This job has opened up opportunity for our family to live debt free, manage our own schedule and provide a training program for others to duplicate what we've done.


She saw the opportunity to create an uplifting community of ambitious online entrepreneurs and decided to create a COACH FAMILY.   A community of coaches on her team who want to improve their lives and help others. Their team is called Moxie.


Moxie: // the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage; pep, determination, tenacity.  The entire definition of MOXIE is something Laura wants her Beachbody team so apply to their life.

To dive deeper into what services Beachbody offers (online accountability and business opportunity), connect with Laura via Facebook. She'd love to share her passion with you and see if this could help you.