Love Fast Live Slow Resources

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Family Challenge Checklist  

For those who want to adopt a Love Fast Live slow mindset, it's more than just an attitude. It's taking action. Here is family friendly checklist you can print & hang on your fridge as a reminder to step back, slow down and love others. 


Book recommendations to strengthen your marriage 

When it comes to marriage, we know it takes work. Sometimes it takes reading and listening to advice and wisdom from outside teachers/preachers.  Whether you have a healthy marriage or a struggling marriage, we believe it's wise to grow in humility and wisdom through studying what the Bible says about marriage. 

30-Day Prayer Challenge

Pray for your kid(s) daily. Could you take this challenge?  This has been an ongoing journey for us and we know that the greatest gift we can give  is interceding  in prayer for one another.  Download this PDF (includes prayer topics & supportive verses) and start today!

Additional Talk on Self-Worth (specific to guys and girls) 

Free Spiritual Gifts Test

Download this free spiritual gifts test today and start using your strengths to fulfill your God-given purpose. To chat more about what these gifts mean or dig deeper, feel free to email me at:

Free Budget Tools

In our #LoveFastBroadcast about money, debt & giving, Laura references an easy budgeting tool & guide to help you (us) be good stewards with finances.  We are Dave Ramsey fans/followers and want to make sure everyone is familiar with this free tool, Every Dollar. 

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2018 Goal Setting Guide 

To ensure we all start the year on the right foot, here is a goal setting PDF with biblical principles & Christ-centered ambition. Goals are important. So is taking ACTION to achieve them. Make a plan and get to work!